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Working together towards sustainable food and nutrition security for Oceania by developing, inspiring and connecting a new generation of visionary leaders in nutrition.
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7 Day Course

The ONLP course is a 7 day course aimed at leadership development for early- and mid-career individuals working in nutrition related fields within Oceanic countries.

Do you have what it takes to be a leader and make a difference in the field of nutrition?

Are you early- or mid-career and working / planning to work in nutrition related fields in Australia, New Zealand or Pacific Islands? If yes, then you should apply!

Outcomes of 7-day ONLP course

After completing the ONLP course participants will have:

  • A solid foundation in key leadership concepts and skills that will empower them to lead from where they are;
  • Developed skills and knowledge to build high performing teams underpinned by shared values and goals;
  • Developed skills to effectively communicate, influence, motivate, advocate and negotiate;
  • An enhanced understanding of the broad integrative and critical role of nutrition across the food supply and in the face of major environmental, economic and social changes;
  • An enhanced awareness of all types and modes of information available to us in an increasingly digitally connected world;
  • An enhanced ability to build networks, to collaborate across different sectors and countries and to connect with others using modern information technology platforms;
  • An increased awareness of their social responsibility as leaders in nutrition;
  • Become active members of an influential network of leaders in nutrition across Oceanic Countries committed to collaboration in order to achieve impact through improved food and nutrition security, health and wellbeing.
  • Become part of a global network of leaders in nutrition.


1-8 July


Genazzano Retreat
Lake Tinaroo, Qld

Who should apply?

Application is through a competitive process and participant selection is made by an independent selection committee. The aim is to enrol a diverse group of participants in each course; spread over different sectors (academia, research institutes, national and international authorities, industry, NGOs), countries/ states/ regions/ institutions, gender and career level (early- and mid-career) in order to enhance network building and growth and development of individuals.

ONLP will enrol 20 participants in the 1st ONLP course with the aim to increase this number to 30 participants in subsequent years. At least 2 positions will be allocated/guaranteed for candidates working in Pacific Island to ensure inclusion of Pacific Island nutrition leaders.

Early- and mid-career individuals working/studying in nutrition related fields within Oceanic countries, including Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands who aspire to make a difference in the field of nutrition. Preference will be given to applicants with advanced degrees, postdoctoral fellows and candidates with comparable working experience. Candidates have to be proficient in English.

Eligibility Criteria

Under Construction

Selection criteria - Relative to Opportunity

Under Construction


Applications will open at the end of August 2017.
Candidates will be informed of the decision of the
selection committee by 22 December 2017.

Course Fee

AUD 4,000.Includes leadership training, course materials and full board & lodging.
A 10% deposit ($400) is required when successful applicants accept their offer


Financial assistance is available.
Candidates can apply for financial assistance for travel
and/or course fee costs through the online application process.

Program structure & outline

The following topics will be covered in an integrated approach over the 7-day course.


The context of leadership, current theories of leadership and your leadership style; Management vs. leadership; Leadership requires effective followership; Leadership and national culture, power, gender; Leading teams; Crisis leadership; Building leadership capacity in your organisation; Planning your leadership journey.

Team building

To use fun team building activities in a relaxed and supportive environment in order to gain an understanding and appreciation of the different roles within a team; build relationships between team members; identify challenges faced by the team; conduct self-assessment, reflection and receive constructive peer feedback; and encourage collective ownership of team goals.


Ability to communicate on the basis of self-concept; ability to use mixed communication channels appropriately to motivate and encourage others, with the aim of influencing behaviour; to advocate for stakeholders and issues with the aim of achieving good policy outcomes; ability to understand and evaluate competing priorities and negotiate skilfully to achieve successful outcomes; ability to provide, receive and reflect on feedback constructively.

Broad Nutrition Vision

To develop a broad vision of the integrative role of nutrition across the food supply in the face of environmental, economic and social changes.

Social responsibility

To increase participant’s awareness of their social responsibility as leaders in nutrition. Participants will be presented with relevant dilemmas that nutrition leaders are often faced with which they will discuss in groups.

Declaration workshop

Participants will, as a group, develop a declaration of intent which outlines their commitment to nutrition in Oceania. The first ONLP cohort will also contribute to the development of a concept logo for ONLP.

ONLP network workshop

Participants will workshop how to achieve an active strong network of leaders in nutrition across Oceania that can support each other and work collaboratively to achieve food and nutrition security for Oceania.

Influencing Nutrition Policy

Understanding the nutrition policy landscape in order to influence policy changes.

Learning experiences will be enhanced by experiential learning opportunities, case-studies, real experiences shared by established nutrition leaders, group exercises and discussion and there will be plenty of opportunity for self-reflection and for participants to plan their own leadership journey.

The course is built on a leadership model that has been used successfully by ENLP for more than 20 years and has been adopted by the other leadership programs. The model aims to establish an environment that promote leadership development and growth and that fosters relationships and networking and provides opportunity to apply leadership skills. Participants are divided into teams and committees that have to carry out several tasks and meet deadlines amidst the ongoing training program.

Within these teams and committees participants get the opportunity to fulfil different roles and functions, they are exposed to new experiences and sometimes conflicting demands that all contribute to their growth, development and a greater self-awareness. These activities provide opportunity for self-reflection and peer feedback, which is critical for growth and development.

Throughout the course participants will be exposed to modern information technology platforms that will enhance their ability to connect with the ONLP network beyond the ONLP course.