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Working together towards sustainable food and nutrition security for Oceania by developing, inspiring and connecting a new generation of visionary leaders in nutrition.
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About the ONLP

The ONLP is an initiative of the Nutrition Society of Australia in partnership with the Nutrition Society of New Zealand and the Pacific islands.

The aim of the ONLP is to develop, inspire and connect a new generation of innovative leaders with foresight and broad vision of the integrative role of nutrition, who are working in the field of nutrition throughout Oceanic countries from different sectors including Academia, Research, Industry and Government and are committed to working collaboratively towards food and nutrition security for Oceania.


Purpose and Background

The ONLP is an initiative of the Nutrition Society of Australia in partnership with the Nutrition Society of New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. ONLP forms part of a Global Nutrition Leadership Platform (GNLP) also encompassing established leadership programs in Europe (ENLP), Africa (ANLP), South-East Asia (SEA-NLP), Middle-East (MENLP) and Latin-America (LANLP).

The idea of a nutrition leadership program (NLP) was born more than 20 years ago when a group of European food and nutrition visionaries identified the need of leadership skills, communication and networking among early- and mid-career nutrition professionals. The European Nutrition Leadership Program (ENLP) was founded in 1997 and has been running annually ever since. Several other programs were subsequently established modelled on ENLP and their success demonstrate the NLP’s effectiveness, sustainability and demand. Both ANLP and SEA-NLP have been running successfully since 2002.


Prof Anna Lartey, 2002 ANLP participant, Director Nutrition FAO and President of the International Union of Nutritional Sciences (IUNS)

“The ANLP seminar opened my eyes that I have leader qualities”.

Danielle Schoenaker, PhD Candidate, Research Officer Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health The University of Queensland

“The European Nutrition Leadership Program (ENLP) has been a unique experience and helped me to better understand myself as an individual, a team member and a leader. The supportive and inspiring environment during the course has given me more confidence in my vision and abilities as a leading nutrition scientist. The ENLP course and network have provided insights and tools that I will continue to practice and re-visit in the years to come. The Nutrition Leadership Program is a must for those dedicated to advance leadership and to make real impact to the field of nutrition!”

Dr Megan Rossi, Research Associate King's College London, Diabetes and Nutritional Sciences Division, Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine

“If I had to describe my ENLP experience in two words they would be ‘life changing’. I’ve attend several leadership courses before but nothing comes close to the my ENLP experience. The retreat drew on mental, physical and emotional vulnerabilities to transform not only the way I lead but how I perceive myself as a leader. The impact of my experience has positively influenced my whole team- that is the power of ENLP.“

DR. KIM BELL-ANDERSON, Senior Lecturer Charles Perkins Centre, Faculty of Science, School of Life and Environmental Sciences THE UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY

“The ENLP was much more impactful that I had anticipated. It was a truly transformative experience as it taught me leadership skills critical for any potential leader. The program also provided a safe and supportive environment for practising those skills. Increasing my network in nutrition was an added bonus, and I have made connections that will last a lifetime.“

The common themes of these programs are training in leadership, team building and communication and establishment of a network of leaders in nutrition to ensure strong impact on community nutrition and health.

ENLP has recently initiated the GNLP which will be an umbrella group that brings all NLP’s together in order to play a role in nutrition leadership at a global level.

Rationale for ONLP

Working towards food and nutrition security in the face of major environmental, social and economic changes and challenges will be a major undertaking and current and future nutritionists will need a new set of paradigms to achieve this vision. Working in isolation in the past has failed. Hence strong leadership and collaboration are needed for the development of holistic, innovative, integrative and sustainable solutions to food and nutrition security. Nutrition encompasses more than its traditional domains and insight into our changing world across the food supply chain is imperative for developing an understanding of how we can work alongside other disciplines towards sustainable food and nutrition security.