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Working together towards sustainable food and nutrition security for Oceania by developing, inspiring and connecting a new generation of visionary leaders in nutrition.
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ONLP Alumni Network (ONLPAN)

Alumni of the ONLP become members of the Global Nutrition Leadership Platform (GNLP)

All ONLP Alumni will become members of the ONLP Network, forming part of the global network of leaders in nutrition.

The GNLP network represents over thousands of people throughout the world who have participated in other NLPs (Africa, Europe, South East Asia and Latin-America).

The aim of the ONLP Network is to advance leadership in nutrition in Oceania by forming and supporting a community of nutrition experts, advisors, researchers and collaborators.

Ongoing access to news, events and further networking opportunities will enable the strengthening of relationships to make real impact on food and nutrition security, health and wellbeing together.